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Maple’s light color, uniform texture, and attractive variations make it a popular choice. Known for its shock resistance and high resistance to photosensitivity, durable maple takes well to stains allowing this attractive hardwood to receive all color variations desired. Maples are appreciated as being capable of remaining stable and uniform, even over decades. Maple has a high Janka rating of 1500.

White Oak

Considered to be a finer, more elegant wood than its familiar sibling, white oak offers distinguishing features that sets itself apart from many other hardwoods. White oak continuously provides a tighter grain that produces less swirls and deviations that are more common in many other hardwoods. This highly sought-out material still runs as one of the more durable hardwoods with a Janka rating of 1360.


The rich, dark brown color of walnut has a distinguished, heirloom feel. Strong yet soft and light in weight, walnut’s dark, swirling grain adds depth and luster to your floor. Providing that “All-American” elegant beauty, walnut hardwood brings more intensity and complexity than its plethora of competitors which enables it to capture attention and favor with ease. Walnut scores a 1010 Janka rating.

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A fine grain and smooth texture give this strong wood a distinguished look. Its red and pink hues take well to stains and deepen with age and light exposure. Known for it’s exotic look and deep colors, cherry provides ultimate satisfaction to customers who keep it well-maintained. The low photosensitivity of cherry will deepen the colors and embed the grains further over time providing a potent vibe of intensity and brilliance. Cherry has a Janka rating of 950 and low resistance to photosensitivity.

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Being one of the hardest, strongest American hardwoods, hickory’s dramatic pattern and color variation emphasize its natural beauty. With various color variations that range from light blonde to dark brown and all in between, hickory is an amazingly gorgeous hardwood that maintains its beauty through decades of hardships. Hickory has a powerful Janka rating of 1820.



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Red Oak

One of the most popular hardwood materials currently, red oak provides its customers with a floor that can withstand abrasive hardships while still providing consistent beauty in various patterns and fashions. Red oak has a Janka rating of 1290, a moderately high durability level among hardwoods.

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